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  • Day of Service - 9/11 - 20+ Volunteers
  • ELCA Colorado Lutheran Youth
  • Holiday Essentials Give-A-Way Programs (Early Morning Hours!)
  • Toone Elves & Angels Family Gives Smiles, Toys & Joy to Families with Kids!
  • Humanitarian Experience For Youth @ MOSAIC 2020
  • COVID Volunteers Distributing Resources Inside Crew
  • Mary's Garden
  • Mary's Garden Open to the Community 24/7 for Service & Contemplation
  • MOSAIC Refugee Mary Murals & Urban Gardens
  • MOSAIC serves at its partner Agency - Utah Food Bank
  • Utah Community Outreach
  • English as Another Language Courses for Community Welcome & Integration
  • Salt Lake Inter-Faith Round Table
  • MOSAIC Refugee, First Generation and Economic Immigrant Ministries
  • MOSAIC @ Utah Governor's Faith Leader's Luncheon, 2019
  • Ascension Lutheran Church (ELCA)
  • MOSAIC Fundraiser
  • Forest of Support Fundraiser Dancers
  • Food for the Children
  • MOSAIC Manna Market (Thursday Mornings)
  • MOSAIC Manna Market Food Justice Programs (M/T/W/Th)
  • Bhutan, Nepalese, Hinduism Prayers
  • Utah of Representatives Representative Steve Eliason
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (UT) Rise Pre-Teens Give Joy+Organize Toys
  • COVID Volunteers Distributing Resources Outside Crew


Short Documentary by Christian Prater

MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries: 
Our mission statement is "in the Community, and in the World, for Good."

MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries was blessed with its name after 18 different countries of refugees, under the leadership of Liliana Matasa (international artist residing in Utah) designed and built the 'All Nations Tree' or 'Tree of Life' MOSAIC wall. Everyone who comes to MOSAIC sees the art as they open the door to welcome and services.  Our name became legally ours during our 15th year of ministry, as our Agency had become increasingly inter-faith.  MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries was coined contextually to our site and independently of any other similarly named businesses.  MOSAIC celebrates its 29th year of ministry beginning May 5, 2024!

MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries is delighted to serve 1 in 25 Utahns through three programs which have a wide spectrum of services: in-home senior services; refugee and economic immigrant integration; and basics to college education and/or employment.

The populations served are diverse including all people; and the vast majority are extremely low-income circumstances at the moment.

MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries offers services through a main site at 3278 South 540 East Salt Lake City (South Salt Lake area) through its Green Waters Health Center, Manna Market, More Blue Sky Employment Center, Troy's Food Pantry, and Winter/Holiday Give-A-Way.  MOSAIC is the gathering space of multiple world religions daily: Baha'i, Buddhist, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) (Mormon); Hindu, Jainist, Historical Christian, Humanitarian, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Natural-Indigenous, Seeking from Multiple Perspectives, Spiritual but not Religious (Independents); Zoroastrian, Humanitarian, and no known faith expression.

MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries (dba Lutheran Social Service of Utah), incorporated since May 5,1995, celebrates its 29th Anniversary of quality public services to the Utah public May 5, 2024.  In 2024, its current CEO, Rev. Dr. Leslie Ann Whited, is celebrating 27 years in her role.  MOSAIC maintains its status as an independent 501-C3 Tax-Deductible Charitable Organization (#47-3255451).  As an Agency, we serve diverse elders, seniors, adults, children and infants.  The majority of the people are originally from Africa, Asia, Central America, Middle East and South America.  Some of the coutries include: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bosnia, Burundi, Colombia, Congo, Croatia, El Salvador, India, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Myamar, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Tonga, Turkey and Thailand. Most are new United States citizens.  All of our programs are contextually grass-roots and education-and-employment-driven.

MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries is a member of the Association of Lutheran Development Executives, Enriching Utah Coalition, Salt Lake County Mayor - C​ouncil on Diversity Affairs (CODA-Health); Salt Lake Inter-Faith Round Table, State of Utah Defendant/Offender Workforce Development Task Force (UDOWD) and Utah Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (UVOAD).  MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries is also officially listed in the Parliament of World Religions (1893-2024) Directory; and attended (attends) the Parliament of World Religions Conference and the First Women's Symposium for the Parliament, in Salt Lake City, UT, Autumn 2015.  MOSAIC participated as an Agency in the United Nations Sustainability Conference, in Salt Lake City, UT, Autumn 2019.  MOSAIC was a cooperating organization for the international and inter-faith 2020 Religion Communication Conference which meets once per decade.  In 2021, MOSAIC was honored by the Salt Lake Inter-Faith Round Table for its service to diverse Utah.

  • Greatest Need: Monetary $ Donations which can be made securely on-line or you can mail a check made out to MOSAIC to 3278 South 540 East SLC, UT  84106.
  • New educational toys, blankets, winter clothing, sports equipment, books, clipboards, educational supplies, household furnishings, non-perishable and healthy foods, household cleaning supplies and paper goods.
  • Faith-ful, Fun, Fan-tastic Ambassador Board Trustees Needed - 2024-2026 term.  Treasurer familiar with on-line Quickbooks is a current opening!  Contact: Rev Dr Leslie Whited, call/text: 801-721-2641.



Celebrating 22 Years of Diversity-based Ministry in Utah

3278 South 540 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
801-588-0139; 877-388-5778
801-588-0140 (fax)


I enjoy working with international immigrants and refugees and being of service in my community!
Working with MOSAIC is an opportunity to contribute to the international community in Salt Lake City
in a way that is meaningful and impactful.
Christian Prater, English & Marshallese, BYU-Idaho Intern

Places like this give us hope!  We are so ever grateful!
Lasamoa Ellis

During the Corona Virus COVID-19 and multiple earthquakes in Utah: "The richest of minds are always in the poorest of areas.  Oftentimes, when we have experienced trauma or hardship, we come out of it feeling discarded, unwanted, devalued, like garbage.  But like the MOSAIC tree of life mosaic on the wall, if we take all those pieces of broken pieces and rebuild ourselves into something as beautiful as this MOSAIC, it will not only heal others but it will heal yourself and the people you are yet to meet."  Grace

Serving at MOSAIC has been great for me.  My heart expands.  I get out of the house! for a few hours where my husband struggles with a terminal illness; instead of being depressed, I serve humanity and feel joy."    Bertha

"I like serving people on behalf of the U.S. government through MOSAIC.  I love helping diverse communities stand on their own through MOSAIC!"  Bisma

"MOSAIC reaches out to people in great need.  It shows the love of God to people who are struggling."
Pastor Charles Hines

"We need more places like MOSAIC because building real self-reliance and justice as a community is vital for inter-related conciousness.  It's for all of us.  We deserve this flow of justice."    Jose

"It's very important for the people; we serve a global community at MOSAIC."    Erasmo


Be Soulful!

"What unexpected delight 
for as we shower generosity on others
we cannot keep it from ourselves."